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Castledon School

Castledon School

Meet the leadership team

What is a Senior leadership team?

The SLT is a team of school leaders at different levels that involve themselves in the daily management and running of the school to help it reach its business objectives.

The SLT focus on leading, school improvement priorities, monitoring teaching and learning, staff development and can include wider areas, such as safeguarding or Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND).

It is the role of the SLT to set the school's direction. They implement strategies to support school improvement and make sure the day-to-day running of the school is underpinned by its values and ethos. Being part of the SLT comes with a high level of responsibility with various demands and challenges.


Simon Holliday

As the Headteacher of Castledon special school since September 2018, I have had the privilege of leading a community that values the unique strengths of every young person and supports their individual needs. I believe that every young person should have the opportunity to learn skills for life, develop independent living skills, pursue further education and be equipped with the skills to secure employment.

My passion for enhancing the lives of young people extends beyond the classroom. I believe that strong community links and enrichment programmes are essential for a well-rounded education. I am committed to building partnerships with families, networking with other organisations and seeking new ideas and approaches to ensure that our young people are inspired and engaged.

I believe that employability for young people with SEND should be a top priority. I am proud that our school has been recognised by Challenge Partners for our work in this area, and I am committed to continuing to enhance our provision.

I have also been dedicated to enhancing our estate, with recent projects including a dedicated art room, animal care facilities, music studio, greenhouse, log cabin for therapies and tuition. I believe that exposure to music, art, and photography is essential for our young people's development.

As a leader in both mainstream and special schools, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge that I have applied to my role as Headteacher. I am committed to providing career progression opportunities for staff, and I value their contributions to our school community.

I believe that physical well-being is just as important as academic achievement. Our PE and swimming curriculum reflects this belief, and we strive to provide opportunities for our young people to participate in an extensive range of physical activities.

Our school motto, "Unlocking Potential," is more than just words on a page. It is a belief that we instill in every young person that walks through our doors. My vision as Headteacher is to ensure that this motto is fulfilled in each and every young person's life.

Janie Inglis - Associate Deputy Head Teacher                                                          Responsible for Curriculum, Assessment and Innovation

I have been working in the field of education for over twenty years. During this time, I have had the privilege of working in a range of schools, both Primary, Secondary and post-16 SEND provisions, with a diverse range of students including those with EHC plans, English as an additional language and looked after children.

My passion for teaching and inspiring others has been the driving force behind my career. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree (with Honours) in Secondary Physical Education with Qualified Teacher Status from University College Chichester. I am proud to say that my unwavering dedication to unlocking potential has created numerous opportunities for my students and the wider Castledon community.

I was also part of the team that opened the post-16 SEND provision in September 2017. This has been a particularly rewarding experience for me, as I believe that everyone should have access to quality education and equal opportunities. My work has been recognized and commended by Essex in the Teacher of the Year Awards and I have also won various awards for SEND provision of the year, community achievement, and environmental practice at the Business Education Awards over the last five years.