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Castledon School

Castledon School

School Meals


The school has its own, on site kitchen, which prepares hot meals for pupils. There is a three-week rotation of menu with two choices each day, including vegetables or salad to ensure a healthy balanced diet. You can view the current term’s menu on the school website. We are committed to ensuring that the pupils receive the best possible food in their school meals.

To order your child’s meal, please log on to School Money or use the Tachers2Parent app.where you can order and pay for your child’s meals in one go. Parents of new
starters will be given their login details when their child starts at the school. All meal orders are to be placed by midnight the night before. If your child is entitled to free school meals or universal free school meals, you will need to book your meals in the usual way on the website or app however there will be no charge.

The kitchen staff buy their fresh fruit and vegetables from a local supplier and their meat from a local catering wholesaler. We do not use processed foods. Parents have the choice to provide their child with a packed lunch. We encourage parents to provide a healthy nutritious packed lunch and enclose current Essex guidelines. Parents of pupils eligible for free school meals should inform the F.I.T team of any changes in circumstances. We have a whole school food policy which is available on request.

Packed Lunches

We do ask for parents’ co-operation in ensuring that a balanced, nutritious lunch is provided for children who have a packed lunch and that you only provide 1 small size treat. One rule we have is that fizzy drinks are not allowed. Storage space for lunch boxes is limited, lunch boxes should be marked with your child’s name and class.

Here are some ideas for how to include bread, rice, potatoes and pasta.

Try all sorts of different breads including rolls, flatbreads bagels and wraps.

REMEMBER; wholemeal and granary bread have a lot more goodness in the then white bread.

Rice salads can be really tasty and a good way of using up cooked rice (but remember to store cooked rice in the fridge).  Mix it up with vegetables, chopped fruit, raisins etc.

Couscous is very quick and easy to cook and also makes very good cold salads.

Have you tried potato salad in your lunchbox?  Cooked potatoes mixed with mayonnaise, yoghurt and herbs are delicious.  You might also want to add cooked meat like chopped ham or chicken.

Cold pizza slices can be a great addition to a lunchbox.  Even better if they are homemade pizza slices so you can control the amount of fat and salt.

Useful websites.

These website have some great ideas for healthy lunchboxes.