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The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent

At Castledon Special School, we are committed to providing a bespoke and personalised journey for every student. Our curriculum is comprehensive and inclusive, designed to support the academic, social, emotional, physical, and practical development of each learner. It caters to the diverse needs and interests of our students, preparing them effectively for future challenges. Under our motto of "Unlocking Potential", we ensure that all aspects of our educational approach work in harmony to foster our students' growth and success.

Our curriculum is built around the core values of Belonging, Opportunity, and Achievement. These values guide our commitment to creating an environment where every student can thrive.

A key focus of our curriculum is the development of life skills, essential for fostering independence and successful living beyond school. We aim to equip students with the practical abilities they need to lead fulfilling and autonomous lives.

Our individualised approach starts with a deep understanding of each student's unique needs and beginning points, enabling us to adapt our educational strategies and resources effectively. Adaptive teaching methods are a cornerstone of our approach, ensuring that each student's educational experience is tailored to their specific learning styles and requirements.

We are dedicated to academic excellence, providing a broad curriculum that includes core subjects like Mathematics, English, and Sciences. Our engaging and adaptive teaching methods aim to equip students with essential skills and knowledge for lifelong learning. We also emphasise the arts, including music, visual arts, performing arts, and digital media, to encourage creativity and self-expression.

In addition, our curriculum offers vocational learning opportunities in areas such as bike maintenance, horticulture, and animal care. These practical experiences prepare students for successful transitions into the workforce or further education, enhancing their independence and confidence.

We prioritise holistic development, with a strong emphasis on staying safe as a key aspect of our Relationships, Sex, and Health Education (RSHE) and Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHE). This focus supports students in developing healthy relationships, understanding their well-being, and making informed choices. Our RSHE curriculum is closely linked with the Castledon Code of Conduct: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible. Central to our PSHE curriculum is promoting British values and preparing students for life in modern Britain, which includes fostering respect for democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.We also emphasise Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural development , promoting values such as empathy, respect, and inclusivity, preparing our students to make positive contributions to their communities and wider society.

Play-based learning is integral to our educational approach, tailored to suit the developmental stages of students aged 5-19. For younger children, this involves activities inspired by the EYFS framework to enhance early cognitive and social skills. For older students, we incorporate age-appropriate activities like table tennis, table football, and other interactive games that promote physical health, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Our Education Extra programme strategically ties into our formal curriculum, extending learning beyond the classroom. It offers a variety of clubs, residential experiences, and curriculum-related trips that help students explore new interests and develop diverse talents.

Building a strong sense of community within Castledon is crucial. We aim to create a 'family' atmosphere where students, staff, and families feel connected and supported. Castledon Student Council is vital and with our participation in the Zenith Multi Academy Trust’s pupil voice, helping to develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility among our students.