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The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Education Extra

Education Extra

Exciting enrichment opportunities are a key part of life here at Castledon School, whether it be visitors to school, after school clubs, school events, local trips, or even residentials and visits abroad.

Our wide range of activities are designed to map against our formal taught curriculum plans, bringing learning to life in a visual, concrete, meaningful way for our pupils (e.g. our regular visits to local historical sites such as Wat Tyler Country Park). By making these links explicit, these opportunities develop cultural capital, create a sense of joy and wonder, develop new skills, and foster a life-long love of learning. Pupils are actively encouraged to try new things, especially in the arts or sport, and where we notice a pupil may be unsure about whether to get involved, we work with families to encourage participation and remove barriers. Pupil premium funds are used to support participation, and we ensure our use of primary sports funding also contributes to our extra-curricular offer.


Highlights of our offer include:

Ski trip to Pila, Italy

Forest School

Visits to local Museums (such as Chelmsford Museum)

Animal Encounters at 'Call Of The Wild' Zoo

Kayaking at Writtle University

Driving lessons at the Cardrome

Working on location with 'TeamSport'

Our after school clubs offer is well attended, and covers a range of activities from cooking to horticulture. The offer for this term can be found by clicking here


Finally, to get a true flavour of our offer, please click each image below for a brief description to see what exciting things our pupils have been involved in recently!






















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