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Castledon School

Castledon School

PE Grant

Funding over the last 15 months has been used to improve the following areas of Castledon Schools P.E and activities-

  • New PE, swimming and gym trail equipment.
  • Staff training to provide quality provision across P.E, sports and activities.
  • Improved facilitates at Castledon School.
  • External provision to provide a varied and greater experience to students.
  • Staff uniform.
  • Storage facilitates for equipment.


The impact and outcomes on primary and Castledon students as a whole are;

  • Greater exposure to different sport s during the school day, including 6 different sports being offered during P.E throughout the year. There is now 100% involvement in students across the phases taking a full and active part in P.E lessons.
  • 22 primary students making outstanding progress in their individual PU targets by using new gym trail equipment during the gym trail sessions.
  • Outstanding improvements to Gym trail, focusing on pupils physical needs, with funding used on OT support to train staff and implement new programmes.
  • All students making outstanding progress and achieving PU targets during P.E lessons with the use of new equipment.
  • 50% reduction of level 2 and 55% reduction of level 3 incidents during registration and lesson 1 with the introduction of the morning run/walk on the improved school field.
  • Whole staff training in the implementation and proper use of RMP's.
  • Increase of 100% in primary student s taking part in sporting lunchtime clubs, allowing for students to experience new sports for the first time, making excellent progress in social and com munication skills during play time.
  • Funding used to train staff to manage and facilitate lunchtime activities for our young people. Funding also used to purchase resources specifically for improving the experience students receive at lunch and breaks.
  • Students transported to partake in activities within the wider community and taught how to play in this environment.