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Castledon School

Castledon School


At Castledon college students are actively involved in PSHE including the following topics covered; Diversity, E-safety and British Values.

For diversity we offer a gateway qualification at three levels currently; Entry3, level 1 and level2. The qualification ensure students explore;

  • What is meant by the term diversity
  • Know about diverse social groups and practices
  • Be able to identify similarities between diverse groups
  • Understand the importance of respecting diversity in a tolerant society
  • Be able to recognise the contributions of diverse groups to society.

During the E-safety qualification, which is also offered at three levels and links with key dates such as internet safety day,  Students learning includes;

  • Know about e-safety
  • Know about communicating using technology
  • Know how to keep safe when communicating on-line
  • Know about on-line behaviour
  • Know about legislation and regulations relating to on-line communication
  • Know about content descriptors and symbols for video games and mobile applications.

For fundamental British values student are offered a level 1 gateway qualification with an online assessment. This includes a college trip to the House of Parliament.  Topics covered includes;

Spritual, Moral and Emotional Development at Castledon College

To support students spiritual understanding we teach diversity in PSHE and have organised trips within the community to both Chelmsford cathedral and the largest Gurdwara in Europe located in Gravesend Kent.  Part of the spiritual teaching has been supporting our learners in understanding others beliefs within our local community. Developing student’s morals at the college includes implementing the training gained through Essex steps and occupational therapists at the college. Thus ensuring student when making choices understand the consequences both within the college environment, the local community and the impact that would have in the workplace in the future, ensuring we are preparing them for adulthood.

Part of the social and emotional development we have been implementing within the college, includes; taking part in community activities such as work life placements, visiting and using supermarkets, using a community gym, attending local trade fairs for young enterprise, taking part in a community table tennis club and using public transport. To develop a better moral and cultural understanding we have been teaching PSHE lesson looking at diversity and challenging behaviours such as homophobia, ageism, racism and sexism with our students.