Castledon School

The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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At Castledon, pupils develop their curiosity and understanding of the wider world by investigating topics linked to history, geography, space and the community. 


Our topics curriculum consists of five different themes: 


A Period in Time

While studying a period in time, pupils will explore how people lived and worked during a specific era in history, such as the Roman or Egyptian era. Pupils will learn to make comparisons between the past and present while recognising changes over time. 


A Moment in Time 

 Pupils will have the opportunity to research a specific historical event, such as WW2 or The Great Fire of London. Pupils will learn how to order events; understanding how events in the past have influenced history. 


The Word Around Me

Pupils will develop their understanding of geography through learning about topics such as the weather, natural disasters and explorers. Pupils will learn how landscapes, climates and environments are linked while recognising different cultures across the world. 


Me and My Local Community 

Pupils will develop their understanding of their local community by learning about transport, health care, emergency services, leisure and different facilities in the community. Pupils will learn the differences between towns, cities and villages while recognising the different roles that people have in the workplace. 


Out of this World 

Pupils will investigate space exploration and the solar system while developing an understanding of how science and technology have improved our understanding of our own lives on Earth.