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Castledon School

Castledon School

Healthy Schools

Whilst we at Castledon School recognise that it is important to have a balanced healthy diet, this is just one of the areas that we focus on as a healthy school.

We have developed the role of the school council; this allows the students voices to be heard on a range of issues. These include lunchtime clubs, after school clubs, trips, and playground equipment. We have also introduced our ‘Buddy System’ which enables students to have a friend and feel safe on the playground.

We have introduced intervention programs for Key Stage 3 and 4 girls, these focus on raising self-esteem and confidence.

All classes have received differentiated lessons on bullying facilitated by Kidscape. They have also received lessons on Internet Safety including cyber bullying in accordance with advice from CEO


The results of recent survey of the whole school have shown that students feel safe at school both in lessons and on the playground. It has also shown that students feel that they have a voice and that their opinions are listened to and valued.

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